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Solar Now was set up after we had solar panels installed on our own home.

We quickly realised that being able to generate your own power was the future. We were converts to the solar panel revolution.

For a long time we have wanted to be more independent and self sufficient, relying less on large companies for power and so on.

The need for using more power is only going to increase; electric cars, the phasing out of gas boilers and so on. So what better than being able to generate your own power – and use that power to then power your home, heat your water and charge your car!

But we wanted to do something different to all the other solar panel companies.

So our team includes qualified roofers, a qualified electrician and a professional property developer.

Of course there are the “going green” credentials of solar panels. But for us, the main thing is that you will be able to generate your own power and start on the road to being self sufficient

Meet The Team

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