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Solar Now provides expert installation of both on-roof and integrated roof solar panels - offering a complete selection of roof-mounting solutions to suit your needs. With industry leading quality and service, Solar Now guarantees a safe, efficient and cost-effective solar panel installation that will help you lower your energy bills.


This is where the panels sit on top of the existing roof structure, be that concrete tiles, slates and so on.


With this system, a network of brackets are fixed to the roof timbers and guide rails then fixed to the brackets.


The solar panels then fix to the guide rails.


These systems are the quickest to install as the panels sit on top of the roof structure and no major work to the substructure  is required.


  • Quick & easy to install

  • Cost friendly


  • Arguably not as aesthetically pleasing as integrated system panels

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Step 1

Fixing Brackets to Roof Timbers

  • A network of brackets is fixed to the roof timbers.

  • These brackets serve as the foundation for the solar panel mounting system.

Roof brackets and rail_edited.jpg

Step 2

Attaching Guide Rails to Brackets

  • Guide rails are then fixed to the previously installed brackets.

  • These guide rails will provide support and alignment for the solar panels.

Roof brackets, rail and first line.jpg

Step 3

Mounting Solar Panels to Guide Rails

  • ​The solar panels are attached to the guide rails.

  • This step completes the installation of the solar panels on the roof.


With the integrated system, the tiles or slates are removed from the area where the solar panels are to be installed. Instead of a bracket and guide rail system, GRP panels are fitted onto the roof timbers.


The solar panels are then fixed to the GRP panels. Steel flashings are installed on all sides to make the roof weather tight. The panels operate in exactly the same way for both systems.

However, with an integrated solar panel system they are more streamlined and some would say they are more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Arguably more aesthetically pleasing than on roof solar panels


  • Longer installation process

  • Less cost friendly than on roof

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Want to know which roof solar panel system is best for your property? Get in touch today and speak to our experienced team.

A very professional installation. The work was done with consideration and I am very pleased with the final product.

Mrs L, Abergele, North Wales

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